Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 08:57

SAN FRANCISCO, CAMOTES ISLAND CEBU- Last June 11, the National Irrigation Administration Regional Office 7, with the efforts of the Bohol- Cebu- Siquijor Irrigation Management Office formally conveyed and inaugurated the operation and maintenance of Sta., Cruz Pump Irrigation Project to San Fran Sta. Cruz Irrigators’ Association, Inc.

As rain symbolizes blessings, rain or shine Ms. Ailene C. Garcia of NIA R7 Administrative Chief handover the key of responsibility on behalf of the Regional Manager Modesto G. Membreve thru the Cebu IMO Assistant Head Nelson Meralles to Governor’s Representative and Agriculture Consultant Dr. Romulo G. Davide, local officials and officially acknowledged by the IA Pres. Ronnie P. Garbe.

On behalf of the RM, Garcia extend her appreciation and guidance to the beneficiaries. “I am honored to represent our Regional Manager as he is currently in the Central Office attending the Management Review of 2019. I am grateful that thru the help of different agencies and efforts of the farmers we are now officially conveying this project to our beneficiaries. I know that it won’t be possible without the help of everyone but still I am hoping that you [beneficiaries] will take care and be responsible to help maintain the facilities of this project”, said Garcia.

As grateful as Garcia, IA Pres. Garbe expressed his gratitude to the NIA and other agencies. “It was a series of feasibility study to put up this project, I would like to thank the local, national agencies and my fellow farmers for their determinations to make this project possible. I promise in behalf of our association that [we] will maintain these facilities so it would last up to fifty (50) years”.

The said project amounted P9.5 million under the supervision of Engr. Ryan H. Galagala as project-in-charge and Mr. Ramir V. Batumalake Institutional Development Officer from the Bohol-Cebu-Siquijor Irrigation Management Office.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 08:32

CALAPE - Construction on a long-awaited new Calunasan Small Reservoir Irrigation Project is now fast-underway, and its completion for the tiny grassroots of the beneficiaries behind the project. "It's taken a long time to get it started, but now this is the moment that we are all waiting for," Regional Manager Modesto G. Membreve said.

The National Irrigation Administration Region 7 hosted a groundbreaking ceremony on February 7 to mark the beginning of the most awaited Calunasan SRIP for the Calunasan Dam Calunasan Calape, Bohol.

NIA Administrator Ricardo R. Visaya, Deputy Administrator for Administrative and Finance Romeo G. Gan, NIA Region 7 and 8 Consultant Asher A. Dolina, SRIP Assistant Project Manager Luisito Cadelina, Mayors Representative Isabelito Tongco, Calape Mayor Nelson Yu and Vice Mayor Sulpicio Yu Jr., Brgy. Captains of Brgy. Tinibgan, Abucayan Sur, Abucayan Norte, Bonbon, Bentig and Sinandigan with the 500 beneficiaries of LUCABSON, ABLUBENCAL AND LUCABUBEN Irrigators Association attended and witnessed the groundbreaking ceremony.

"In approving this project, the Board of Directors recognized the strength and strategic importance of this program for the farmers and I hope that our local officials will support this project for sustainable irrigation", Administrator Visaya said in his ceremonial message.

In behalf of the three (3) IAs, LUCABUBEN President extend his words of appreciation to the agency.

The Calunasan SRIP is a medium scale irrigation development project that aims to provide year-round irrigation water supply to about 650 ha. of agricultural lands in the province of Bohol. A reformulated Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering was conducted by Hydroterre Consultant in cooperation with the NIA Regional Office 7. The year 2013 was the starting year of the overall project implementation. CY 2013 allocation was pre-construction activity. CY 2014 allocation was for irrigation facilities. The project has no fund allocation for CY 2015, 2016 AND 2017. But for CY 2018, the fund was for the Dam construction while CY 2019 allocation is for the irrigation facilities. The contract signing was on January 11, 2019, with an overall project estimated cost of Php 814M.

Friday, July 20, 2018 - 16:08

PAMACSALAN, PILAR –The National Irrigation Administration Regional Office 7 (NIA R-7), through the Bohol Irrigation Management Office (IMO) formally turned over on Friday, July 6, 2018, the newly completed Kubi Small Irrigation Project (SIP) to its beneficiary.

The beneficiary is the Pilar Kubi Irrigators Association Inc. of Barangays Pamacsalan, Anibongan, Aurora and Lumbay, Pilar, Bohol, headed by its president Epipfanio B. Pojas for them to handle the operation and maintenance of the said irrigation system.

The turnover ceremony was attended by the NIA R-7 Regional Manager Modesto G. Membreve, Bohol IMO personnel, Irrigator’s Association (IA) officers and members, Gov. Chatto’s representative – Renerio Makinano, Cong. Arthur C. Yap’s representative – Rene Espinosa, Mayor Eugenio B. Datahan II’s representative – Adolfo Espuelas Sr., and Barangay officials.

Regional Manager Modesto G. Membreve led the turnover ceremony.

In his turnover message, Regional Manager Membreve expressed his deepest gratitude and appreciation to the people present and to all the persons who helped accomplish the said project.

He made special mentions to the government officials for their unwavering support and effort to make the said project a reality.

He thanked the Almighty Father for his continued intercession which helped make the turnover ceremony a success.

He told the IA beneficiaries how blessed and lucky they are that from among the thousands of barangays in the Philippines, they are one of the several few to receive such irrigation project which will certainly help improve their rice production livelihood.

According to RM Membreve, the Irrigation Service Fee (ISF) is already for free due to its enactment upon the signing of President Duterte last February.

“Since there is no more ISF, I am challenging all the members to exert double effort in planting rice so that you will gain much and at the same time help improve the food security program of the province.” said RM Membreve.

He also added that the NIA is so blessed to have government officials in Bohol who are very supportive to the projects of the agency due to its commitment to secure the good welfare of the farmers.

As final message, RM Membreve told the IA members to maximize the use of the irrigation system and at the same time take good care of it so that the future generations may also benefit from it because it’s designed to last for more than 50 years for the next generation to use.

For his part, IA President Pojas thanked the NIA headed by RM Membreve for accomplishing the said irrigation project.

According to him, the said project was very challenging for him and the NIA personnel because of the resistance from several farmers and landowners who were not cool and supportive to the programs of the government.

He also added that because of the earnest effort of the NIA leadership and the government officials, those people began to understand and realize the purpose and mission of the NIA.

As final message, Pojas assured the dignitaries present and his fellow farmers that he will spearhead the care and maintenance of the irrigation system because it will be for the benefit of all the farmers who depends their livelihood in farming.

Government officials present have also expressed words of thanks and warm congratulations to both the NIA and the IA beneficiary for the successful completion, turnover and acceptance of the said irrigation facility. They have also assured their full support to the leadership of RM Membreve.

The Kubi Small Irrigation Project will cater the 24.8 hectares service areas of Barangays Pamacsalan, Anibongan, Aurora and Lumbay Pilar, Bohol that has 130 strong IA members.

The said project was undertaken by the Clavite Construction & Supply that amounted 24.8 million. It was supervised by Engr. Virgilio G. Buslon as Project In-Charge and Heigene S. Jamil as Institutional Development Officer from the Bohol Irrigation Management Office.