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CAMBA-OL ALICIA – On Thursday, September 14, the National Irrigation Administration 7 Regional Irrigation Manager Ramon A. Bugacia formally conveyed the rehabilitated Cambaol Communal Irrigation System to the Cambaol Irrigators Association Inc. of Brgy. Camba-ol Alicia, Bohol headed by IA President Luis A. Hinautan.

During his second CIS turnover as RM of R7, Bugacia expressed his happiness on the transfer of the newly rehabilitated Cambaol CIS to the IA and commended the Barangay Council’s support and active participation led by its Punong Barangay.

Bugacia assured the farmers that canal extensions will be undergone to increase the service areas that may be covered to increase cropping production.

He also told the recipient farmers that constant communication amongst members is the key towards better understanding and harmony.

“Every member should spend time talking with each other and raise important and even petty concerns to develop constant communication that may eventually establish unity among members” said Bugacia.

“I would like to encourage and challenge the IAs to plan and initiate the establishment of an IA office that will serve as meeting place and reception for all financial, operational and administrative matters” added Bugacia citing past experiences from previous regional assignments wherein IAs have their own office.

As final message, Bugacia discussed the essence of working together harmoniously as the key to success and achieving the IA’s plans and goals.

Punong Barangay Anita B. Ayuban on behalf the Barangay Council thanked NIA’s leadership for its renewed commitment to help the farmers by making the turnover ceremony a reality.

She also added that the CIS will help farmers’ plant rice simultaneously to prevent Rice Black Bugs from surviving as advised by the Agriculture officials of the province.

“This blessing is not intended for one person only, but for all the farmers and the people as a whole” added Ayuban.

President Hinautan on behalf of the IAs thanked NIA, IA members, and the government officials for supporting them and initiating projects for the betterment of their livelihood.

He told everyone that upon assuming leadership he encountered a lot of challenges which includes disagreement and internal conflicts among the members.

He also added that he had not dreamed of becoming IA president, but since he was elected, he will do whatever it takes to perform his current responsibilities to help increase the cropping production of his fellow farmers.

“Let us all take good care of this irrigation system because it is of great help to us, and it will not only benefit the present generation but most importantly the future generation” said Hinautan.

As final message, Hinautan promised and assured NIA head, Engr. Bugacia that he will lead the challenge of preserving the CIS for the future generation.

The said project was accomplished thru the lead efforts of Engr. Epifanio A. Olaivar as the project in charge of the Force Account Works and Joann A. Amaro as the IDO.

The 1.5 million worth CIS project will serve the twenty (20) hectares rice fields and is expected to benefit the 30 Irrigator’s Association members in Camba-ol Alicia.

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LONOY JAGNA – On Thursday, September 7, 2017, the National Irrigation Administration Regional Office 7 formally conveyed the use and maintenance of the newly constructed Upper Cansuhay Communal Irrigation system to the Irrigators Association of Barangay Lonoy, Jagna Bohol.

Engr. Ramon A. Bugacia, the newly installed Regional Irrigation Manager personally facilitated the turnover.

It was his first attended CIS turnover ceremony since assuming his new assignment as head of NIA R7 last August 16, 2017.

In his turnover message, Bugacia told the IA beneficiaries to take good care of the irrigation systems because it will be for their own benefit.

He also said that the CIS constructed by NIA are designed to last for 50 years and above. “Its operability and efficiency will depend on your care and maintenance” said Bugacia

Engr. Bugacia assured the farmers that more projects beneficial to the IAs will be facilitated in his term. “Rest assured that more CIS will be constructed even if the service areas are not big enough since it is my desire to bring NIA closer to all the farmers.” added Bugacia

As a veteran Irrigator Development Officer and having served the institutional system for almost 40 years, Bugacia is optimistic that the IAs in Upper Cansuhay will understand each other to foster unity, citing past experiences in his previous regional assignments that the most common problem he had encountered is the internal conflict among the farmers which caused the destruction of the irrigation systems.

“Because of misunderstanding, farmers will get jealous with each other and will cause the destruction of the canals so that other farmers will not benefit from It.” said Bugacia

Bugacia also told the IA officials to orient the members about the importance of taking good care of the irrigation systems. He added that in order incorporate the importance of care for the irrigation systems, IAs should be the ones working as labourers in the construction projects under the force account so that they will care for the structures since they are the ones building it and at the same time it will provide them additional livelihood.

He also encouraged the farmers to return in organic way of farming in order to save operational cost.

For his part, IA president Medelino M. Acedo expressed his sincerest gratitude to NIA R7 headed by RM Bugacia. He assured Bugacia that he will spearhead the care and maintenance of the irrigation systems because as one of beneficiaries it will boost his cropping production.

The 2 million CIS will serve the 23 hectares rice fields and benefit the 84 Irrigator’s Association members in Lonoy Jagna.

The project was accomplished thru the lead efforts of Engr. Edmond A. Daniel as the project in charge and Ana G. Piquero as the IDO.

Friday, September 8, 2017 - 11:48


LOBOC BOHOL – On Thursday, September 7, 2017, the newly installed Regional Irrigation Manager of NIA Region 7, Engr. Ramon A. Bugacia paid a courtesy visit to Loboc Mayor Helen C. Alaba to discuss NIA’s projects.

After attending his first CIS turnover in Jagna Bohol as new R7 Irrigation Manager, Bugacia without prior notice proceeded to visit Mayor Alaba to discuss improvements, repairs and additional construction of irrigation system projects in Loboc.

Despite her busy schedule, Mayor Alaba, a registered Engineer, for her part, expressed her gratitude for Bugacia’s visit and assured the latter of her commitment, mutual cooperation and support in all the projects of NIA since it will benefit her constituent farmers. She also added that she will personally help NIA in speaking with the farmers if there will be problems that may come along.

In his more than an hour closed conference talk with Alaba, Bugacia told the former of his recent inspection of the irrigational systems in the said Municipality and relayed important plans that will benefit the more or less one hundred fifty (150) hectares service areas covered by the Communal Irrigation Systems of Basak Daku, Jimili-an, Loboc Integrated, and Bagumbayan.

The said visit was done by Bugacia in order to achieve his plan of improving and maintaining the efficiency of irrigation systems in R7.

And also to assure the farmers that their problems and concerns will not be left out since they are on the process of deliberating region’s the annual budget for 2018.