RM Membreve turns over the operation of San Isidro CIS to IA

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 08:03

(Mayor Pureza’s representative – Hon. Lorente (2nd from left) cuts the ribbon with NIA R-7 Regional Manager Modesto G. Membreve)

SAN ISIDRO, BALILIHAN – On Thursday, March 8, 2018, the National Irrigation Administration Regional Office 7, through the Bohol Irrigation Management Office formally turned over the operation and maintenance of the newly completed San Isidro Communal Irrigation System to its beneficiary, the Balilihan Tiwi Irrigators Association Inc. of Barangay San Isidro, Balilihan, Bohol, headed by its president Antidio C. Balicog for them to handle the operation and maintenance of the said irrigation system.

The turnover ceremony began at around 10:00 o’clock in the morning and was attended by the NIA R-7 regional manager, IMO personnel, IA officers, Mayor Pureza V. Chatto’s representative – Hon. Abel A. Lorente, and Barangay officials.

Engr. Modesto G. Membreve, the NIA R-7 regional manager, led the turnover ceremony.

In his turnover message, Regional Manager Membreve expressed words of gratitude and praised the Almighty Father for guiding him and his colleagues in accomplishing the said irrigation system.

He thanked the farmers for doing their part by relaying to his office their desire to have an irrigation system.

According to RM Membreve, we should all be thankful to the IAs for showing their enthusiasm and diligence in farming because without it, the NIA will not be able to perform its mandate of helping them obtain higher cropping production.

 “We continue to exist as an agency because of the farmers, thus we are here to serve them. I myself and the NIA personnel present here are mere instruments stirred by God to help the farmers in their livelihood.” said RM Membreve.

He also added that the IA beneficiaries of Barangay San Isidro are very fortunate because out of all the more or less forty two (42) thousand barangays all over the Philippines, they are among the several few who were prioritized to receive irrigation project from the NIA due to its limited budget.  

“This irrigation system is designed by the agency to last for fifty (50) years and beyond. Hence, I expect that you will take care of it so that the future generation may also benefit from it.” added RM Membreve.

As final words, RM Membreve assured the IA beneficiaries that as implementor of the irrigation projects, the NIA R-7 under his leadership will always be ready to serve them.

Hon. Lorente in behalf Mayor Pureza V. Chatto, relayed her message of happiness and congratulations to both the NIA and the farmers for a job well done in working cohesively to finish the irrigation system.

He also added that as head of the committee on agriculture of the Sanguniang Bayan of Balilihan he expects the IA members to maximize the irrigation system by diligently farming.

He also assured the farmers that if they have proposals and requests relevant to farming; he is always ready to assist them in whatever means possible.    

For his part, IA president Antidio C. Balicog expressed words of gratitude towards the NIA R-7 personnel headed by its regional manager Modesto G. Membreve for their favourable action to their request to have an irrigation system.

According to him, the irrigation system is a gift from God because from now on, they will not anymore raise their heads above the sky and pray for rain to fall so that their rice crops will be irrigated.  

He assured everyone present that as head of the IA, he will work hard to keep the operability of the irrigation system and he also challenged the members to help him because it will be for their own benefit.

The San Isidro Communal Irrigation System project will cater the thirty two (32) hectares service areas of Barangay San Isidro and Sal-ing, Balilihan Bohol that have fifty (25) strong IA members.

The said project was undertaken through the force account works that amounted two million five hundred thousand (2.5M) pesos. It was supervised by Engr. Paulino R. Palma as project in-charge and Janice A. Logroño as Institutional Development Officer from the Bohol Irrigation Management Office.