NIA R-7 turns over the operation of Montesuerte CIS to IA

Tuesday, June 05, 2018 - 11:03

L-R: Bohol IMO Hydrologist Engr. Eustaquio Loayon, NIA R-7 Engr. Nelson Doliente, Raul Molina, Brgy. Capt. Rosendo Justiniane, Marawis Brgy. IA Pres. Raymund Villarin

MONTESUERTE, CARMEN –The National Irrigation Administration Regional Office 7 (NIA R-7), through the Bohol Irrigation Management Office (IMO) formally turned over on Friday, May 11, 2018, the newly completed Montesuerte Communal Irrigation System (CIS) rehabilitation project to its beneficiary.

The beneficiary is the Trabajo Mas-ing Irrigators Association Inc. of Barangay Montesuerte, Carmen, Bohol, headed by its president Victor B. Cahig for them to handle the operation and maintenance of the said irrigation system.

The turnover ceremony was attended by the NIA R-7 Planning, Construction & Design head Engr. Nelson Doliente, IMO personnel, Irrigator’s Association (IA) officers and members, Gov. Chatto’s representative – Raul Molina, Kag. Rosendo Justiniane, and Barangay officials.

Engr. Doliente led the turnover ceremony in behalf the NIA Region 7 Regional Manager Modesto G. Membreve who failed to grace the said activity since he was in the NIA Central Office to attend a very important meeting.

In his turnover message Engr. Doliente expressed words of happiness and gratitude for the accomplishment of the new irrigation system.

He told everyone that in as much as RM Membreve wanted to grace the turnover ceremony but unfortunately, he cannot do so because he is currently attending an important meeting in the Central Office that will surely benefit the farmers of R-7.

According to Engr. Doliente, RM Membreve told him to extend his warm happiness and congratulations to the farmers for receiving the irrigation system which the NIA had worked hard to accomplish.

“I would like to request the IA members to take good care of the conveyed irrigation system because it will help increase the rice production of the IA members.” Said Engr. Doliente

He also added that they should take care of the irrigation system so that the future generations may also see and benefit from it.

According to Engr. Doliente, the Irrigation Service Fee (ISF) is already free because of the signing into law of RA 10969 last February. However, the IA may collect minimal fees to all members to fund and support the organization provided it is approved by the board of trustees and the members.

“I am encouraging the leadership of the Trabajo Mas-ing IA to submit letters and resolutions to the NIA regional office if they have additional requests for irrigation systems so that the agency can study if it is viable.” added Engr. Doliente

As final message, Engr. Doliente assured the people present that more irrigation system projects beneficial to the farmers of Montesuerte and its neighboring barangays will be given to them during the leadership of RM Membreve.

For his part Raymund Villarin thanked the dignitaries present and gave special recognition to the NIA officials and personnel for finally giving to them their long awaited irrigation system.

He also told the dignitaries present that he will spearhead the care and maintenance of the newly conveyed irrigation system so that the members will follow his example.

“I would like to encourage the IA members to be more active and sincere in our responsibilities as beneficiaries of this irrigation system so that the NIA will be more inspired to give us additional projects that will help improve our livelihood.” added Villarin

As parting words, he assured the NIA officials and personnel present that they will be more active so that they will grow as an organization.

Raul Molina in behalf the Provincial Governor Edgar M. Chatto commended the NIA R-7 headed by RM Membreve for another job well done for the turnover of the new irrigation system.

According to him, the turnover of irrigation system is another big help for the food security program of the provincial government because it will encourage the farmers to increase their production.

Barangay officials present have also expressed words of happiness and assured their full support to the IA members and the NIA officials and personnel.

The Montesuerte Communal Irrigation System Rehabilitation project will cater the twenty eight (28) hectares service areas of Barangay Montesuerte, Carmen, Bohol that has twenty six (26) strong IA members.

The said project was undertaken by the Clavite Construction & Supply that amounted one million five hundred thousand (1.5) pesos. It was supervised by Engr. Virgilio G. Buslon as Project In-Charge and Glenda C. Cario as Institutional Development Officer from the Bohol Irrigation Management Office.