NIA R-7 conveys operation of Union PIP to IA

Friday, July 20, 2018 - 16:04

CAMOTES ISLAND, CEBU –The National Irrigation Administration Regional Office 7 (NIA R-7), through the Cebu Irrigation Management Office (IMO) formally turned over on Thursday, July 19, 2018 the newly completed Union Pump Irrigation Project (PIP) to its beneficiary.

The beneficiary is the Mag-uuma sa Union Irrigators Association Inc. of Barangay Union, San Francisco, Camotes Island, Cebu, headed by its president Bienvenida C. Torres for them to handle the operation and maintenance of the said irrigation system.

The turnover ceremony was attended by the NIA R-7 Admin and Finance Division Manager Jose Lito F. Lambojon, Bohol-Cebu-Siquijor Acting Division Manager Norma M. Monisit, Cebu IMO personnel, Irrigator’s Association (IA) officers and members, Gov. Hilario P. Davide III, 5th Dist. Board Member Miguel A. Magpale, Cebu Province Consultant on Agriculture Dr. Romulo G. Davide, Mayor Aly A. Arquillano, Municipal and Barangay officials.

Jose Lito F. Lambojon led the turnover ceremony in behalf of Regional Manager Modesto G. Membreve who failed to grace the said event due urgent regional manager’s conference held at the NIA Central Office in Manila.

In his turnover message, Mr. Lambojon expressed the warm congratulations and heartfelt gratitude of RM Membreve for the first turnover of NIA project in Camotes Island.

He also added that RM Membreve was so excited to attend the turnover ceremony but due to urgent and unexpected conference of the NIA regional managers, he was not able to attend this event. Despite it, his mind and heart is with the farmers of Union San Francisco and assured further that more projects will be given to the people of Camotes Island this year and the upcoming years.

As final message, Mr. Lambojon told the IA beneficiaries to take good care of the Irrigation System (IS) so that it will last long and so that the money to be used in repairing the destroyed water system will instead be used to expand/extend the IS for more farmers to benefit.

For her part, IA President Torres promised to the NIA and other government officials present that their association will take good care of the system because it is important to them.

Governor Davide in his inspirational message told the farmers how happy he is that another project which is beneficial for the farmers of San Francisco had been conveyed.

According to him, the said project is another blessing and tool for the farmers to use and maximize in order to become successful in their livelihood to become rich.

Also on the same activity, the Province of Cebu through the leadership of Gov. Davide and provincial officials also gave several farming tools, equipments and seedlings to be used by the farmers in securing good harvest.

The Union Pump Irrigation Project will cater the 24 hectares service areas of Barangay Union, San Francisco, Camotes Island Cebu that has 75 strong IA members.

The said project was undertaken by the BL Pangan Construction that amounted 5.4 million. It was supervised by Engr. Nelson M. Miralles as Project In-Charge and Ramir V. Batumalake as Institutional Development Officer from the Cebu Irrigation Management Office.