Agri-Eco Cultural Tourism; to rise in Bayongan Dam

Thursday, March 08, 2018 - 14:23

Regional Manager Membreve (extreme right) speaks with Mayor Pinat (second from right), Municipal and SB officials during the meeting. 

DAO TAGBILARAN CITY – On Thursday, March 1, 2018, San Miguel Municipal Mayor Nunita M. Pinat, Municipal officials, and members of the Sanguniang Bayan visited the National Irrigation Administration Region 7 Regional Manager Modesto G. Membreve to formally discuss the proposed San Miguel Agri-Eco Cultural Tourism Development Project that will boost the tourism and economy of San Miguel Bohol.  

During the 2 hours closed door meeting, Mayor Pinat discussed to RM Membreve the proposed Agri-Eco Tourism project that will be constructed and developed in Bayongan Dam.

The proposed Agri-Eco Cultural Tourism was timely because of the Agency’s Top Management mandate to all regional offices to develop income generation sources and activities. The proposed Agri – Eco Tourism Park in Bayongan Dam seeks to create revenues, both for the Local Government of San Miguel Bohol and the NIA R7.

According to Mayor Pinat, the said project will help improve the economy of her Municipality and will also generate income on NIA’s part.

“We have already started doing activities along the vicinity of Bayongan Dam that will surely attract tourists such as rodeo and horse show, dragon Boat contest, bamboo rafting competition, and kite show.” added Mayor Pinat.

Under the proposed project, the activities that will serve as tourist attractions includes Cobra watching, Fishing, boating, kayaking, and swimming on the proposed swimming pool that will be constructed on the periphery of the dam.

According to the San Miguel officials, the said project was already presented to 2nd District Congressman Aristotle C. Aumentado who according to them assured his commitment to help and full support for its commencement.

RM Membreve for his part expressed full support and cooperation with the Local Government of San Miguel and advised Mayor Pinat to conduct feasibility study on the proposed Agri-Eco Tourism project to determine its Economic Internal Rate and Return (EIRR) so that he can immediately indorse and present it to the NIA Board of Directors in Manila office for approval.

He also assured the LGU officials present that he will always secure the water supply level of Bayongan Dam during his incumbency so that the operation of the proposed tourism project will not be affected.

The San Miguel LGU headed by Mayor Pinat assured the leadership of RM Membreve that they will as soon as possible conduct feasibility study on the said project and also sworn not to destroy the beauty of the dam and the environment.

Bayongan Dam as per the NIA’s records is considered as the 3rd largest dam in the Philippines. Its water level supply has the capacity to irrigate its service areas for the entire year even without rain.  

The said Agro-Eco tourism program seeks to attract both local and foreign tourists due to Bayongan Dam’s natural and majestic view. It is expected to attract more tourists all over the world to visit the Province of Bohol.